Harald Juch studies graphic design and illustration in Essen. Subsequently he takes up residence in Berlin to work as a political caricaturist for die tageszeitung, a co-operative owned German daily newspaper catering to the intellectual left. A few years later Harald Juch moves to Nicaragua (Central America) and contributes illustrations to publications designed to promote agricultural development. Back in Berlin, he illustrates books and creates advertising illustrations and cartoons. He also works in storyboarding, character design and set design of animated cartoons.


u.a. Camel, Kaiser’s Kaffee, Krupp, Langnese, Local Energy, Migros, Nissan, Penny, Raiffeisen-Markt, Reemtsma, Shell, Storck, Obi, Postbank
Publishing companies:
u.a. Berliner Zeitung, Eulenspiegel, Frankfurter Allgemeine, Grünstift, Kosmos, Junior, Psychologie Heute, Ravensburger, Stanley Thornes, Stern, taz, Tip, Zeit, Zitty
Animation companies & broadcasters:
u.a. Hahn-Film, Kabel 1, Marathon-Film, Pro 7, Sat 1, Trickompany



Harald Juch
Nassauische Str. 36
10717 Berlin
Tel.: 030 - 81 01 86 55



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